CASBO开始了CASBO设计2.0, 协会的第六个长期计划, it was a good time to review our history with the discipline of organizational planning.

以非常具体的方式, strategic planning has helped CASBO envision its future as a vibrant and significant association in support of public education. Having this type of road map has allowed CASBO to remain focused on its unique mission, 目标和目的, 并有效地应对不断变化的环境.

这一过程也使该协会做出了巨大的改变, continue to grow and continue to increase its influence on public school advocacy and policy. Strategic planning and goal setting is a way of life and is part of the culture of CASBO. 简单地说,这就是协会的工作方式.

It’s also a philosophy which provides the organization with a new life cycle every three to five years. 这是振兴协会的一种方式, 退一步, observe the organization from many aspects and move the organization to another level. 这是CASBO所使用的一种方法, and the commitment to the process runs so deep that it is included in CASBO’s 程序手册 (MOP).


The work behind CASBO by Design charts the course for the organization in coming years by establishing a mission and goals, 列出为实现这些目标所采取的步骤, 制定行动计划来实现目标, 最后, 实施具体步骤. 由于哲学的深度和广度, 以及相关的高度规范的程序, 组织规划不仅仅是一个目标设定机制, 它是一种信仰体系——一种CASBO投资的哲学.

从哲学及其规范过程中产生的是一种生活, breathing document that guides a group’s key movements for approximately three to five years. 而不是成为萨克拉门托书架上尘封的活页夹, CASBO by Design is a road map that is driven by the grassroots participation of literally hundreds of the association’s members who have volunteered at each step along the way.


CASBO uses a planning model based on the Cambrian Model (formerly known as the Cambridge Model) and is a planning discipline specifically designed 30 years ago by experts for use in the education arena.

这不是私营部门的模式, 而是一个旨在帮助教育工作者创造自己未来的模式.

Our CASBO by Design process starts with the establishment of belief statements for the organization. 在每个计划周期的开始, a committee made up of diverse CASBO members and professionals from outside the association meet for three days to spell out the group’s core beliefs and establish the areas of focus. The key strategies identified by the planning team are later passed on to action teams charged with creating the steps to meet these general goals. At this point, the entire plan is reviewed and approved by the board of directors. 另一组, 实现团队, 然后做些跑腿的工作,让会员的目标成为现实. Throughout the process, a facilitator monitors plan progress and keeps implementation on task.

Our process also establishes an annual review process under which the chosen strategies are evaluated, and the timing for implementation of specific tasks can be adjusted based on real-time issues.

Another key to CASBO by Design is its requirement that the plan and its later implementation be driven by a large number and diverse cross-section of members. 就其本质而言, strategic planning calls for a grassroots movement guided by the goals and needs of the membership, 不是治理.

The grassroots nature of the planning philosophy carries over to the implementation phase of the plan. 它需要数百名CASBO成员, 还有组织的工作人员, 执行每项行动计划.

除了制定生活计划, the strategic planning model behind CASBO by Design ensures that no single official or member can alter the document based on personal objectives. 如果计划中没有详细说明,就不值得考虑.


这个模型是有效的, 正如CASBO之前计划的成功所证明的那样, 包括:专注于会员的专业发展和认证, 协会的网络存在, establishment of a Sacramento-based staff and autonomy among CASBO’s far-flung membership sections, 改善协会的市场营销, 雇用一名内部立法辩护律师, 重新定义协会的治理结构, 创造在线bbin所有网站大全的机会.

CASBO by Design begins in the mind’s-eye of planners and then becomes a living document that literally guides the organization for three to five years, 为有益的变革提供动力和载体.

CASBO by Design is facilitated by former chief business official and CASBO Past President Pearl Iizuka.


CASBO的使命, 学校商业运作中值得信赖的权威, 是通过领导来支持所有学生的成功, 创新的专业发展和倡导.





Public trust requires personal and professional accountability, responsibility and transparency.
We foster leaders who model integrity, transparency, respect and accountability.
Ongoing professional development is essential to personal success and organizational excellence.
我们擅长就与学校业务有关的问题提供专业意见, which is an essential component for public school financial strength and student achievement.
Through political action we can influence policy for the benefit of public education.


We will cultivate an environment that builds trust for all members to feel valued and grow.
We agree that all programs, practices, budgets and decisions must be aligned to our mission.


通过专业发展培养世界级的领导者, 认证和指导机会.
To ensure communication and collaboration with partners to demonstrate our commitment to the success of all students.
To be the recognized leader and preeminent advocate for school business operations.



We will engage in professional development grounded in adult learning theory that incorporates
just-in-time learning, active participation tailored to member needs and multiple modalities.




We will advocate for a full range of school business operations through outreach;
education; and a network of members, stakeholders and policymakers.


We will create a consistent road map to develop exceptional, diverse leaders throughout CASBO.


我们会及时提供, relevant and engaging information through multiple communication approaches to
meet the diverse needs of our membership and strengthen our presence in the education community.



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